Cultural Strategist

KRPT, March 2019-present

KRPT are a creative agency which specialises in leveraging musical and cultural partnerships to “create art, not ads” for brands.

I am working with KRPT to create original content about their philosophy for working in culture to engage with audiences. I am also collaborating with their team to develop deliverable workshops about ethical and socially aware communications for clients.

Research Consultant/Writer

HighRise Theatre, November 2018-present

HighRise are a theatre collective who seek to spark conversation, and build bridges between forgotten communities, by representing the rhythm of the streets.

I am supporting the HighRise team to research, develop and write a contemporary story about youth violence and drill music: The UK Drill Project. It will explore people’s misperceptions about the controversial music genre and the artists and communities who produce it.

The first showing of our work was performed on stage at The Sick Of The Fringe theatre festival in April 2019. I wrote about the project in my All City column for British GQ.

Storytelling Coach

Year Here, November 2018-present

Year Here is a postgraduate course in social innovation based in London. I deliver bi-annual storytelling workshops to each cohort of Fellows, who are each expected to write articles about their frontline placements (e.g. school, homeless shelter, etc).

I focus on advising the fellows to think about 1) how to find stories in sensitive, complex social spaces; 2) how to tell these stories in an empowering, impactful way; and 3) how to practically navigate the British media and pitch stories to publications.

Please get in touch if you are interested in my storytelling workshops for your organisation.

‘State of the Movement 2017-2018’ Report

The Advocacy Academy, June-September 2018

The Advocacy Academy is a youth political activism fellowship for young people in South London. I helped to write and direct the publication of their impact report - or ‘State of the Movement’ - for the year of 2017-2018. This involved:

  • Devising a suitable structure, ordering and flow for the document

  • Converting existing information and data into engaging and digestible content

  • Writing original prose to explain the model and impact of the organisation clearly and creatively

  • Conducting interviews with young graduates of the programme - ‘Advocates’ and ‘Changemakers’ - to produce first-person case studies and to represent their personal transformations

  • Advising on ways of visually representing information